Valorant: CSGO Legend Pasha Hints at Ambassador Role at a Big eSports Organization

April 19, 2020 3:48 pm

Riot Games’ Valorant is gaining a foothold in the tactical shooter genre and it hasn’t even been fully released yet. It is obvious that the developers are hoping to capture a fan base similar to that of Counter Strike Global Offensive, which boasts of an enormous following. It won’t be easy to dethrone Valve’s flagship title, but Riot Games sure is going to try.

Riot Games deploy tactics against CSGO

How do you begin your assault on a game that has embedded itself deep into the industry? I can’t really answer that myself, but Riot Games is doing this by winning over iconic players of CS: GO. They’re succeeding at it too.

Consider Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, for instance. The developers invited him for a play-test behind closed doors before the closed beta went live. Ever since then, Shroud has been drooling over Valorant.

Shroud is a former professional CS: GO player and even as a streamer, he was partial to the game. So, it is definitely a win for Riot Games to make someone like him fall in love with their new game.

Riot has also convinced another iconic player who is embedded in CS: GO’s folklore- Jarosław “Pasha” Jarząbkowski. Pasha enjoyed a ton of success as a professional with Russian team Between 2014-2017, Pasha and his team brought home a lot of accolades.

The developers got Pasha involved in the game well before the beta went live. In an interview with Polish publication, Pasha opened up on a lot of things.

“Got a message from the creators of Valorant if I would like to fly to Ireland, the company’s headquarters, for a few days to test the game. I went and played Valorant for two days, came back very pleased. I knew that for the next month I would continue to test this game at home, and people would be able to watch it on stream.”

Moreover, he also confirmed that he’s still in contact with Riot as he keeps providing feedback to help them improve the game further.

Pasha to become Valorant ambassador for eSports organization?

Pasha is also in talks with a gaming organization to become their ambassador for Valorant.

“I am currently talking with a very powerful organization, that I may become their ambassador to Europe. I think that if we complete the details and sign the contract, I will devote a little more time to Valorant.”

The organization is a well-known one who has a foothold in CS: GO, but Pasha stopped short of actually naming them.

“I will be very happy if I can represent such a large organization whose names I obviously won’t reveal now. I will just say that this is a well-known company that has a titled team in CS: GO. I know the guys from this band myself, so I would feel at home.”

Hopefully, the negotiations conclude in the following days, and we will finally know what Pasha will be doing moving ahead.

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