Valorant: Details on New Agent and Features Leaked

Published 07/12/2020, 7:02 AM EDT

Time for more Valorant news and this time around, we have something really interesting to share. Redditor Mang0eLeaks brought together everything interesting from the latest V1.03 patch in the game. 


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The tactical shooter by Riot Games quickly rose to fame among the gaming community. It even made many pro players switch tracks to pursue a new career. 

Valorant – 12th agent


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Dataminers have uncovered some very interesting facts from the latest patch. The new patch could bring out the most interesting addition- the 12th agent. 

Killjoy could be the next agent added in Valorant Act 2. Earlier, Anna Donlon had revealed that up to 6 agents could debut in a year.

The new filed added included visual effects, sound files, and animations that gave hints at the design. The patch note did reveal that lightning and electricity will be a big vital part of the theme for the new agent. 

Previous assumptions around Kill Joy was that he’d make use of turrets and drones. It could be that Kill Joy is a cyber hybrid with a lot of tech abilities.

The patch also had new recordings of sound notes of around 7 minutes that sounded many similar to drones or turrets. 

If that is the case, Killjoy would be a fun agent to try out. Turrets can watch out for enemies whereas the agent can make his move like a predator. 

First-person animations that could be the new agent’s ultimate were also found in the patch. The string of code associated with it is was called “detained loop.” However, these were applied to the Pheonix model as there is no in-game model for the new agent yet.

The detained loop could be an EMP-like mechanic that disables players abilities or weapons for a short period of time

New features

Some of the new features that Riot could drop include a free-for-all deathmatch mode which is being tested on the map ascent. There is still no guarantee that deathmatch mode might be a part of Act 2.

Secondly, there is a timeout function added to the code. Riot could be planning mid-game time outs. These are usually prevalent for pro levels in games like Counter-Strike.

Another code hints at Xbox gamepad support. This could be part of early testing. It is largely unclear how that’ll play out. The game will eventually make its way to consoles as well. That is the tricky part. Tactical shooters in consoles are hard to work with. 

There are cases where the controllers were tuned too much for accuracy and aim-assist could kill the competitive integrity of the game. Riot would not be risking that for their massive success and would likely figure something out.

Overtime burden will likely be added in Act 2. Players can now vote to end a match if it goes to overtime. Further, player ranks will remain hidden if a certain player is inactive for a long time. 

Left-hand support too is being added. Players can choose which hand their in-game agents hold the weapons in. 

New skins

Valorant officially announced its new Elderflame skins a few days back. The dragon skins were opened to some mixed reviews. The new patch could bring in some more additions and hopefully, this time around Riot Games will price the skins a bit low.  

The new skins include Cyberpunk and Fallen collections. The skins under each collection have been listed below.









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All the new additions that are coming to the game are only hyping the new Act further. Riot Games will significantly improve the game once the update rolls out.

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