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Valorant: Devs Confirm Raze and Sage Nerfs

Published 07/16/2020, 5:11 PM EDT

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Expect major changes in Valorant soon, as far as the agents are concerned. Riot Games plans on nerfing Raze along with Sage. Valorant’s lead character designer, Ryan “Morello” Scott, talked about these upcoming changes in his live stream on Twitch. It has been seen that the combination of these two agents really has the power to render the opponent team helpless, Raze with her ultimate ability, and Sage with her healing.

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Furthermore, both these agents have a pretty high win-rate and, consequently, pick-rate. On the other hand, devs plan to gradually buff Breach because of his unpopularity in terms of pick-rate. Breach deserves enhanced effectiveness in the game.

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“Sage needs pretty big work,” says Valorant dev

According to, Sage is currently the most popular agent in Valorant and for good reason. No matter what you are playing in, you are likely to run into this healer in almost every team. Devs had already nerfed Sage twice now, focusing on the strength of her walls and the effectiveness of her slow orbs. The agent remains one of the most effective (and overpowered) healers despite that.

Sage has a 54% win rate and sports a pick-rate of over 80% in all tiers. Morello says in his stream that “Sage still is really out of control, and we don’t think it’s the healing.” But Morello also adds how careful they have to be while nerfing her abilities so that they don’t accidentally make her unplayable.


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“She’s already a character that can risk being too flat, so we might have to be really creative about what we have to do to reach that result.”

Let us see how this turns out.


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Raze’s ultimate ability likely to get nerfed too

Raze has been doing above average in the tier list, with certain abilities that do give her an unfair advantage over other agents. An obvious example is Raze’s cluster grenade ability that ends up dealing a lot of damage over a specific area. Now, if you put Raze and Sage together in a team, then using Sage’s wall ability and Raze’s cluster grenade can deal a great amount of damage and is an overpowering combo.


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Moreover, Raze’s Ult ability has the capability of being a total gamechanger. Her rocket launcher deals area damage and guarantees at least one kill. That can really turn the match around and in a competitive game, both Raze and Sage can become deciding factors singlehandedly.

Now to see how this entire thing turns out and how far devs manage to achieve these nerfs.

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