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Valorant Facing Same Issue as Apex Legends Since Patch Update

Valorant Facing Same Issue as Apex Legends Since Patch Update

Apex Legends faced an issue with hit registration ever since Season 5 got off the ground. Valorant is now facing the same issue following Patch 0.50. A horde of players started complaining about the issue after downloading the new patch. Despite seeing their bullets land on their enemies, there was no damage registered.

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Valorant devs address the hit-reg issue

Initially thought to have been an issue with the movement mechanics in the game, it soon became apparent the problem lay somewhere else. The developers took to Twitter to address the issue,

“Big thanks for the reports videos you shared around hit registration feeling off. We found and are fixing a number of issues that compounded this, with the biggest being an actual hit registration bug that impacts low FPS players harder.”

Sparks indicate successful headshots in Valorant. However, many players realized, to their detriment, that despite seeing sparks, their opponents were often still alive. Many a time, they were too late in seeing that.

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As you can see below, there are other issues that have cropped up in the game since the patch update too.

Hit registration is possibly the most vital aspect of the game mechanic when it comes to a first-person shooter. While Valorant is still in its beta version, the devs are going to have to fast-track fixing this particular issue.

Keep watching this space for more updates.

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