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Valorant: Hiko Reacts To The New Ranked System In Act 2

Valorant: Hiko Reacts To The New Ranked System In Act 2

Valorant Act 2 is set to hit the game on the 4th of August. Riot has introduced a different ranked system with this act, along with a new agent (most probably). Act 1 set a good premise for the game and uncovered a lot of potential, even spawning the inception of the game’s competitive scene. We have similar expectations from the upcoming Act as well.

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Valorant has been a unique hybrid in the eSports scene with classic tactical gameplay if games like CS: GO and the ability-based meta of games like Overwatch. In Act 2, devs are taking the game further forward with an overhaul in the ranked system. Here are the details from the Valorant official blog post.

Rank camping cannot be a thing in Valorant

The devs sure upped the competitive ante of the game with the changed ranking system. Now, what we are about to talk about might seem a bit confusing at the beginning, but we will try to keep it as simple as we can. As for Act ranks, Riot has introduced something called ‘proven skill.’ This is what the ‘Act Rank’ (again, a new addition) will be basically taking into count.

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In addition to this, the Act Rank will also be tracking your highest ranked wins and the number of competitive wins, in the ongoing Act. Proven Skill is your 9th best win in ranked during the act. At the end of the Act, your Act rank will show as a badge on your player card during competitive matches. You will always be able to review your Act Rank from your career history.

Act Rank Badge (source: Playvalorant.com)

The Act Rank badge will keep filling up with small triangles as you advance, with each of them representing ranked match wins. Higher rank wins will visually replace your lowest wins, and display the best of your competitive history.

Apart from this, Riot has also introduced an ‘Act Rank Border’ that will surround your Act Rank Badge. This border will evolve as you achieve the following number of wins: 9, 25, 50, 75, and 100. Also, your rank progress will now be visible to your friends as well.

Hiko reacts to the new ranked system overhaul

Earlier today, long-time CS: GO pro (who has since shifted to Valorant), Hiko uploaded a video on YouTube discussing the changes in the game’s ranked system. He has compared the ranking system to that of Overwatch, which takes into account the skill rating. The difference is, a lot of factors that determine a player’s skill rating in Overwatch are hidden. On the other hand, the ‘proven skill’ aspect in Valorant seems pretty transparent.

Hiko further says that this ranking system will urge players to play more matches and stay in the grind, all throughout. He adds that the rank badge system does look really nice.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYYhSkeCSFI]

Since you have to constantly prove your efficiency at a given rank to hold it, Valorant made the rank grind really intense. Leaving no room for rank camping, players will now have to play hard to keep themselves in the top tier. Time to show your skills, folks. Rise and grind!

(Source: Playvalorant.com)

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