Valorant: How to Play as Omen

Published 06/26/2020, 7:22 AM EDT

It is sometimes hard to choose from a list of greats. The same goes for the multiplayer shooter Valorant. Some agents in the game are a bit harder to master, but once you get the hang of it, they could be the best pick. Omen of the controller class in Valorant is one such agent. 


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Valorant globally launched on June 6, 2020, to many appraisals. The game is touted to grow into one of the best Esports games out there. Mastering the game could give you the edge over other players.


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Everything about Omen clicks; a dark figure lurking in the shadow waiting to pounce on your opponents. Let’s take a look at his abilities first. 


Paranoia: Omen fires a shadow ball that can move past walls and covers nearly blinding your enemies. Opponents won’t be able to see beyond a few feet opening up space for you or your teammates to attack. 

Shrouded Step: The move allows Omen to teleport a short distance that you marked. This comes in handy when you want to escape a situation, gain an advantage, or even to surprise up your enemies. 

Signature – Dark Cover: Omen equips a smoke grenade-like orb that can be fired through walls just like paranoia. This too blinds enemies allowing you to take advantage. 

Ultimate – From the Shadows: Equip a minimap and select your target location for Omen to teleport to. However, there will be a loud audio cue and if your enemies were to shoot, you’d teleport back to your original location.

Tips and Tricks

Omen’s abilities might seem tad similar to each other. Mastering these abilities could make you the best player in your team. Here are some helpful tips you can try while in-game.

Trick #1

Shrouded Step does have an audio cue. Enemies could hear you and it takes about a second and a half to teleport. You can not expect to fire and teleport to continue with the assault. The ability can be best used when there are firings so the audio cue gets masked. 

Omen can get to higher areas with ease. Teleporting yourself to a higher angle;  Haven A Site for example will help you gain an advantage on opponents who are unaware of your location. 

Trick #2 

Paranoia is more of a blessing to your teammates. Fire the orb through a wall or an angle that will blind enemies in that particular direction. Keep in mind that Paranoia is most useful in close combat situations as it can only fire the orb up to 33 feet.

Trick #3 

Dark cover lets you shoot the orb at a distance of your choosing. Line up the move at a location you want cover for. Using Paranoia along with Dark Cover helps you gain an immense advantage. Opponents would be waiting for Omen to pop up from the orb and firing Paranoia inside the orb to your desired location will help you sneak past your opponent. 

Trick #4


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How to make the best use of Omen?

Omen’s abilities are best used when combined. His ultimate can be used along with Dark Cover. Fire dark cover to a location where you want to move to. Then use From the Shadows to get inside the orb, and thus you have a solid cover from your enemies. 

Players can also fake the abilities to give an impression to your opponents that you have used the move. This will give you the chance to make an unexpected move that your opponents will not see coming.


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Omen’s abilities are powerful and useful but they can also be countered. Working on your timings and angles can bring the best out of the agent. Let us know if any of these tricks helped you out.


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