Valorant: Learn Movement and Fragging Tactics From Aceu

October 12, 2020 5:05 pm

There can be no doubt about the fact that Valorant has become one of the best competitive tactical FPS titles out there currently. The game has come a long way in a very short time, and Riot Games is currently preparing for a worldwide championship for the title next year. With elements from RPG and MMORPG genre, the game requires a separate skillset altogether.

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Aceu, the Valorant pro from the house of NRG, has been one of the best streamers of the game. Recently, Reddit user u/DotaAlchemy posted a clip that analyzes Aceu’s movement and fragging tactics on the subreddit dedicated to the game.

NRG Aceu uses Reyna to blind, and his own tactics to win rounds in Valorant

The NRG player rose to peak popularity because of his entertaining Valorant gameplay rather than his streaming career with Apex Legends. Aceu has quite a lot of tricks in his arsenal, and nearly all of them are based on his movement style. His gameplay style involves swift movement and precise fragging, which is why his meta agent used to be Jett. However, he currently plays with Reyna, exploiting her blinding abilities.

Reyna is indeed a dependable agent. She is what you might call the perfect fragger, even more so than Raze. Raze depends on destruction and explosive damage to fulfill her role as an entry fragger. While on the other hand, Reyna has the ability to blind the opponent and regenerate her own health, among other abilities. These are the abilities Aceu majorly exploits in his gameplay.

In terms of gameplay strategy, Aceu believes in catching the opponent off-guard. Therefore, clearing corners with caution and anticipating movement is something he gives high priority to. In addition to this, he keeps a close eye on the minimap to get a grip of enemy positions at particular instances. More often than not, this reveals the entire strategy of the opponent.

Valorant is more often a battle of flexible strategies than anything else. When you learn how to make the most of what you have got, your match is most likely won. However, for that, you are going to need a good knowledge of what it is that you have got.

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