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Valorant: New Agent Too OP, Feels Broken

Valorant: New Agent Too OP, Feels Broken

Valorant Patch 1.05 has finally brought forth Act II, along with a new Agent Killjoy. Riot Games have teased this for quite some time. The current patch note states all the new features that Riot is going to implement for a better ranking system. The patch was quite unstable for a lot of players and Riot have informed on Twitter about a fix.

However, with this patch, the uncertainty kept growing. There was a rising imbalance with agents and abilities in the game. With Killjoy in the mix now, no one knows what is about to come. Firstly, we do know that only Sage and Cypher make S Tier if we consider popular character choice. Secondly, Killjoy’s abilities are a lot like Raze, Cypher and Brimstone. 

With respect to integrity and quality of abilities in one character, it does feel like a mixture. Uniqueness in any character is defined by the ult ability. For Killjoy, this might be the ability that breaks the game.

Killjoy is way too OP for Valorant 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC4okWrjOvk]

Act II will consist of several unexpected elements and one of them is Killjoy and her arsenal of toys. Her ult Lockdown is something out of the world, takes away all abilities. It also renders the ability to diffuse a bomb worthless, so if you were midway with the defuse, it would boot you out.

Thus, interrupting spike defusal and plant is pretty unique so far. The turret also acts as a crucial distraction in tight situations. Sometimes in a 1 v 2/3/4 situation, the turret and the Nanoswarm alone can turn the game around. 

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Will Riot make the appropriate changes quickly?

One thing we have learned about Riot Games is that they like to take big risks. If they want something in the game, then they will bring about a change. So taking risks and making changes is in their forte – with Killjoy, they might have to do the same. 

For now, it doesn’t seem likely that her abilities will be nerfed so soon. Perhaps Riot wants the balance to be a little volatile, especially with all the agents’ abilities now. Hopefully, we will soon see some crazy plays with Killjoy and some sneaky lineup spots to take control. 

Source – VALORANT – Protatomonster

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