Valorant: Ninja Give Pro Tips For Competitive Players

July 2, 2020 5:18 pm

Valorant tournaments have already started attracting all the top talents in the gaming world. The Ignition Series had teams like FaZe, 100 Thieves, TSM, etc. taking on each other. TSM might have won this tourney, but every other team seems to be ready for the next tournament already. 

Ninja’s team consisted of Austin “Morgausse” Etue, Greg “Grego” McAllen, Alex “LeX” Deily, and Michael “Sonii” Sherman. Facing teams like T1 or TSM was quite a challenge, but they held their ground.

Valorant competitive matches can get pretty intense, especially with all the abilities. There is a lot of scope for creativity, which we do see in the gameplays. However, with the competitive games, we did see one major aspect which had to do with patience to take over a site. The matches were all about which team is more patient.

Ninja Tweets Pro tips for competitive Fortnite players

Hiding at the perfect choke-points is one thing we have seen in CS:GO tourneys as well. This was one of the similar factors we saw in Valorant. However, Ninja had few tips for everyone who is trying to play any game competitively. Ohmwrecker gave his view about this, stating that “to not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, especially when it doesn’t count.”

Ninja said, “Don’t play a meta champ/agent just because it’s the meta! Play your best/most comfortable agent/champ, and that will deliver better results.” The point is that one has to focus on what they are good at instead of thinking about the broader meaning of ‘good.’

It is interesting to keep in mind that in the match vs T1, it was Skadoodle who played as Sage while Lex played for team Ninja as Sage.

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Team Ninja held its own in the tournament

The 5th round at Split, where team Ninja took on T1, was a spectacular round, where Ninja single-handedly took down all five players. He could not stop the spike in time, but it was one of his team’s defining moments. 

Weighing in both the points, it seems trying out something different is great, but sticking to your strengths is the best way to go about in a tourney.

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