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Valorant: Raze Nerf and GPU Issues in Patch 1.05 New Act Update

Valorant: Raze Nerf and GPU Issues in Patch 1.05 New Act Update

The day is here, and Killjoy is finally available to play with. That is to say, Riot Games have finally come out with 1.05 Patch for Valorant. There is an overabundance of new elements that Riot has included in this patch. It is more of an all-encompassing update taking care of – the quality of life, agent buffs and nerfs, new game mode, etc.

Above all, this has also brought in a new Act in the game. Act II will consist of several unexpected elements that might change the entire setup players have now. “Your newest VALORANT Act has arrived! It’s true, it’s true. That means this patch comes with a new Agent (have you met?), a fresh Battlepass, and our new Deathmatch (beta) mode.

Some time ago, Hiko was live streaming, and he narrated and explained everything to us in a comprehensive manner. With all the recent changes, buffs and nerfs, it seems the ranking system is also updated. 

New battle pass and game mode in Valorant 1.05 patch update

With the new battle pass, several players are asking about the price of a few cosmetics. The competitive scene is taking a huge change with all the new things involved in ranking. Act Ranks have been added to the game. “Competitive matchmaking now will have a higher chance to match solo and solo/duo players against similarly sized premade groups at the cost of queue times being slightly longer. Match History will now show the rank you went into the match with for that game, versus the rank you ended the game with.”

“Rank indicators have been modified on a loss to provide more granularity into how your rank was changed. You can now view your friend’s career tab via the context menu in the social panel. This means you can see your friends rank, Act Rank, and Match History.” 

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Quality interaction and community service from Riot

All these new elements make the game more open, especially to have more clarity about the competitive side of things. The ranking aspect had one issue players kept asking for some clarity and openness. It is good to see how Riot has delivered phenomenally in all these aspects. 

Soon after the patch went live, several gamers started facing issues. Firstly, Raze started malfunctioning, and the map Ascent temporarily closed off for a faulty wall. Riot kept us updated and assured us to fix this. They have addressed that this patch is a little unstable and that they are on the clock to come up with a fix.  


Source – Valorant Valorant- Twitter Hiko

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