Valorant Players Have Discovered an Impressive New Lineup in Bind

December 1, 2020 5:22 pm

Valorant players keep discovering new lineups to improve their chances of making the most out of agent abilities. Lineups are unorthodox methods of making sure you get a shot right by aligning certain icons on the screen with certain in-game map elements.

That might be more confusing than it seems at first, though. However, here is an example to clear this up:

Suppose you want to throw a grenade to an exact position on the map from really far away. Now, let’s say you find out that in order for it to reach the exact location, you have to aim at, say, a specific spot on a wall. That can be called a lineup.

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Recently, players have discovered a really neat lineup to get Killjoy’s nanoswarm ability to drop exactly on the Tube in Site B (where usually players plant the spike or hide in order to hold the ground) all the way from B Long in Bind.

A Reddit user named u/iDexCS posted a video of this long shot on the Valorant subreddit recently and looks like players will be spamming this lineup pretty soon.

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How to deploy a nanoswarm in the B tube from B Long in the Bind map in Valorant?

It is actually quite simple. Once you have equipped the nanoswarm ability of Killjoy, lineup the on-screen left mouse button prompt with the corner of the building near Site B (refer to the video). If you end up pulling it off perfectly, you will be able to deploy the nanoswarm right on the B Tube, which is perhaps the most important position on the site.

There will either be players inside it, or there will be players approaching it. In either case, they will be in the radius of the nanoswarm damage. If it fails, eh, better luck next time! But given how simple this method actually is, you might be able to effectively deal a good amount of damage from a distance with the opponents still wondering what hit them.

Practicing and mastering lineups gives you a substantial edge over your enemy. Since Valorant mostly features closed maps with a network of lanes, using lineups for agent abilities lets you get the most out of an attack.

Samyarup Chowdhury

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