Valorant Reveals New Controller Agent With Cosmic Powers

Published 02/27/2021, 2:40 PM EST

Valorant has revealed a new agent, and it looks like something out of the world. Astra is going to be the newest addition to Valorant agents, and she is from Ghana. Astra’s abilities are cosmic, and from the first-look it seems like she will have a steep learning curve.


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Furthermore, Astra is a controller, and Valorant was trying to spice things up in that arena for sometime. Finally, there is some competition for the other controllers like Brimstone, Omen and Viper. She is also the first African agent in the game.


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This is the first controller the game is going to add since it first released. Duelists Raze, Reyna, Yoru, and sentinel Killjoy are the other characters Riot has added later to the game.

Astra harnesses cosmic powers, and these powers transform into stars. Players who play with this agent will need to place three stars at different locations of the map. These stars will later transform into the three abilities whenever the players deems fit to use during a round. The stars can also be lifted and placed at different locations during the round. The possibilities with this agent seem endless. Nonetheless, the first impressions prove this agent will have a more difficult learning curve than most other agents.

For example, placing the three stars round the map will be the first trick to learn. Enemies can see the star, but they cannot shoot or destroy them. However, while placing the stars, Astra will go into the astral form and the map will cover the screen. This is something similar to Omen or Brimstone’s smokes. This will leave the player’s body exposed and might become an easy pick if done carelessly.


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All abilities of Astra in Valorant

Like every agent, the Ghanaian has four unique abilities, three of which can be purchased before the start of a round. The last ability is the ultimate and will recharge between rounds.

C: Gravity Well

Activate one of the stars with C to form a Gravity Well in the map. This well will pull enemies towards its center and eventually explode, leaving the trapped players low on health. Quickly tap them to finish the kills. This might be useful for stopping flanks or mid-map pushes in the round’s start.

Q: Nova Pulse

This ability first charges then strikes, concussing players in the vicinity.

E: Nebula

Activate a star with F to form a smoke orb. Astra can de-activate the smoke at will. This ability can catch players off guard if they try to push through the smoke.

F: Dissipate

Press F to remove a star from a location and place it elsewhere some other time. Removing a star briefly forms a nebula.


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X: Astral Form, Cosmic Divide

Press X to enter Astral form to place stars. When ultimate is charged, press X again to enter Astral form and select two locations in the map. These two locations will be connected by the Cosmic Divide and sound barrier will be created. This divide will also block bullets.


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What are your first impressions of this character? Do you think she is overpowered? Let us know in the comments and keep watching this space for more news on Valorant.


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