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Valorant: Riot Releases Killjoy With Patch 1.05

Valorant: Riot Releases Killjoy With Patch 1.05

Riot Games have finally come out with 1.05 Patch for Valorant. The entire community was looking forward to this, primarily because of the new Agent’s hype. This patch, however, comes with an entirely new Act, so there is a lot of intricate things going on with Valorant right now. 

The day we all had been looking for when the latest Agent Killjoy will be playable. She is here, and by the looks of it, she is going to rule for a while. If the current meta is considered, agents like Sage, Cypher, and Omen are killing it out there. Brimstone and Raze have shifted down to the A Tier along with Breach. With the introduction of Killjoy, this entire set is going to change. 

Riot Games has added a lot of new things, and they will keep on improving based on community interaction. Thus, a significant update to quality of life, ranking, new game mode, new cosmetics, and a brand new Agent.

Killjoy is now available in Valorant

So far, we have only heard about Killjoy and her abilities, but now we can see how they actually work. To start off with Alarm Bot, this is one of Killjoy’s recon abilities. It works similar to a Cypher disc, instead of the stun, enemies become vulnerable. However, if the enemy gets too close, they can shoot and disarm it. Nevertheless, it can be picked up and used at a different location. 

The next ability is Turret, which fires at the enemy dealing considerable damage, but it is mostly for distraction. It has 125HP, so while the opponent focuses on that, you take them down. Up next is the Nanoswarm, imagine a Brimstone molly that can be activated on command. Nanoswarm rapidly cuts down the health eating up the enemy.

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Ult and gameplay by Hiko

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KSWAnKCsg8]

Now on to the ult, and this is where it gets interesting. Lockdown is an ult that you want to run away from, but you also will have an opportunity to best it. Killjoy deploys a spike-like machine, which creates a huge radius. Players are given a 15-second jump-start before they enter into a realm that Detains their weapons.  

Earlier on, Hiko was streaming with Killjoy, and he showed us some fine moments of how to use her abilities correctly. Although with all the buffs and nerfs for the other characters, it will take a while before things normalize. 


Source – Riot Games



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