Valorant: TenZ Opens Up About Best Agent In-Game and More

July 26, 2020 11:40 pm

Recently, we saw many pro players change tracks to pursue a career in Valorant. TenZ, from Cloud9, retired from CS: GO to make a name for himself in the new tactical shooter. He recently gave an interview to PAX arena, with Puckett as the host.

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo was a huge name in the CS: GO scene. He decided to switch to Valorant, expecting to compete at a “World-class level.”

Riot’s new tactical shooter has attracted many to jump ships. Those who have, have mostly made a successful transition to the new game and TenZ might just be the best among the lot.

TenZ speaks about Valorant PAX Arena Invitational

Cloud9 has been shaking up the Valorant Invitational with wins. The team managed to beat the likes of Sentinels and Complexity. TenZ, one of their vital players shared that they didn’t know beforehand what was in store when facing those very teams.

“We didn’t really know what to expect from Complexity or Renegades. We kind of knew what to expect from Sentinels and I’m not too sure any of us know the Owl team, but we felt like we got a pretty good group for our favor.

TenZ further said the team is settling down and improving the chemistry between the players. The team is surely working things out and the results have been astonishing.  Talking about his teammate Daniel “vice” Kim, TenZ was full of praise for him, calling him the “second voice” of the team.

“Vice is really communicative and he acts as a second voice on the team like Skyler and then obviously Shinobi is the main voice in the team. He is really communicative, he can play very well and is dedicated to learn, ike how to play his position the best way possible.”

Tenz’s role on the squad

The player terms himself as a wildcard. He has almost always managed to get multiple kills in every match.

“I’m kind of like a wildcard player. So, I’ll just have a feeling on what to do and I’ll take over the call for a round. I’ll just get really aggressive most of the part when I feel like I can do something and my goal is just kind of to catch enemies off guard.”

On what agent he will pick up

Fans have seen TenZ pick Raze and Jet quite often. With the latest patch, some have been eager to play with one particular agent and it seems like TenZ is one among them.

“I was planning on picking up Viper just because my play-style is kind of whatever. I ought, I rifle, Ii shotgun but I can enter, I bait, I lurk sometimes but not really much. I think it’s good to pick up Viper because most teams actually don’t know how to play against a Viper properly. And unless the team gets running off Sova then the viper’s feel like free reign upon everyone.”

TenZ also chose Operator as his favorite weapon and Sova as the best agent in Valorant. Those looking for answers on what his favorite ultimate is, the answer is Jett Daggers. The player favors Ascent over other maps and feels Oni skins are the best in the game, so far.

Cloud9 is going strong in the Pax Invitational and the team’s core chemistry has played a vital role in it. With TenZ and Shinobi stronger than ever, Cloud9 stands a fair chance of winning the entire thing.

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