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Valtteri Bottas and Wife Emilia Pikkarainen Set for a Divorce

Valtteri Bottas and Wife Emilia Pikkarainen Set for a Divorce

After three years together, Valtteri Bottas and wife, Emilia Pikkarainen have decided to part ways. The Mercedes driver wrote an emotional message on Twitter: “Unfortunately I have to let you know that the marriage between Emilia and myself has come to an end. Our ways have split because of the challenges my career and life situation bring and we think this is the best for both of us and our future lives.

“So we are separating as sacrifices she had to make for me, for her support during many years and for all the experiences that we have had together. I trust that you will respect both of us and our privacy regarding this matter. This will be all I have to say and comment regarding our divorce.”

The two had been dating since 2010 and got married in 2016. Unfortunately, it seems that Bottas and his wife have been facing difficulties with Bottas’ racing career. That is quite possible what led the two to take this huge step in their personal lives.

Pikkarainen was a former Olympic swimmer and she was even the Finnish swimming champion. She has a number of Finnish records in the 50 metres butterfly, 100 metres butterfly, 200 metres butterfly, and 200 metres individual medley.

Valtteri Bottas is not the only driver who faced relationship issues, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc also broke up with his girlfriend, Giada Gianni earlier this year.

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