Valtteri Bottas
Valtteri Bottas

There’s nothing quite important as stability. It’s something that underpins our very existence in life, right? And to that regard, perhaps, it’s things such as consistency and assurance that spruce up our confidence too. Everyone wants some sort of consistency or regularity to achieve various goals in life. Why should things be any different for sports? And where it comes to Formula 1, the world’s fastest form of motor-racing, why should there not be any assurance or stability for a certain Valtteri Bottas?

After all, the Finnish driver who endured a tough season last year, one where he would fail to secure even a single win, is someone who’s risen like a giant phoenix. Any doubts about his consistency or form are quashed to the ground when one understands that the noted Mercedes driver is currently leading the 2019 Driver Standings.

After winning the 2019 Azerbaijan GP, Valtteri Bottas reclaimed the title lead from his Mercedes teammate, Lewis Hamilton. But if there’s something that could possibly be giving Valtteri Bottas some nerves, then it’s the talk about his Mercedes contract and terms.

Where his current form is an indication, then Valtteri Bottas, who won the season-opener at Melbourne, the home to the Australian GP, is a sure-shot prospect at bagging the crown. But that said, what are his chances of securing a new contract with Mercedes, since, it’s already known that at the end of the current season, he will be without a new or fresh contract.

Purely on form and consistency, there’s hardly a doubt about Valtteri Bottas’ hot streak, something that he’s demonstrated right from the word go, in March. So that should automatically warrant him a fresh contract renewal but can things be any easy in F1 ever?

With 17 races to go, Mercedes would want him to bag more wins, something the Finnish driver would himself a target. But when asked about his 2020 Mercedes contract and any possible talks about it at this point, here’s what Bottas shared:

Valtteri Bottas
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“I haven’t thought about it, at all,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’m just really focused on this moment right now, fighting for every single victory and for this championship.

“The talks will come when they come, and when they start I hope they will be done with soon rather than dragging on.

“We haven’t talked a single word about next year yet because there’s no need to, we’re focusing on our job.

“When that’s going to happen, I hope that we can agree quickly. It’s all good.”