Verstappen-Ocon Feud Dates Back to Formula 3 Days

By 2 years ago

On Sunday, Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon collided with each other during the Brazilian GP. But interestingly, their rivalry goes back all the way to their days in Formula 3. The two drivers had clashed a couple of times in their pre-F1 days so this isn’t their first rodeo.

In Brazil, Verstappen was leading the race and was attempting to lap Ocon when the incident occurred. Verstappen dove down the inside while heading into the Senna S but Ocon had the inside line for Turn 2. The end result was Ocon tagging Max into a spin and Hamilton needing no second invitation. While Verstappen was able to survive and clinch second, he had lost the win.

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Coming back to their feud in Formula 3, an incident occurred in 2014 in Austria. Ocon was on pole with Verstappen alongside him. Max got a good start but Ocon was able to stay ahead of the Dutchman. However, that was short-lived as Verstappen lunged down the inside at Turn 1.

In the end, Ocon was tagged into a spin and retired from the race. The Dutchman went on to finish 2nd.

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