Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon faced the press together for the firs time after their incident in Mexico which grabbed a lot of attention. Verstappen, was adamant as before and said that his response could have been much more worse, and that it was just a shove, which happens in most of the sports around the world, he said giving football an example.

“I don’t understand what l could have done differently,” said Max Verstappen. “We are all emotional. I had just lost a victory and from my side l was really calm. It could have been a lot worse. I thought it was a calm response. What did you expect? Me to shake his hand and thank him for finishing second?”Verstappen

“You guys don’t hear what is said on the scales, you just see me pushing,” he said. “If you understood the whole conversation it would be different,” he added. When the press asked him to reveal what was said, Verstappen replied:“(Ocon said) something I didn’t expect to hear. It doesn’t matter what it was at the end of the day because it clearly pissed me off.  I was after an apology and l got a bit of a different response.

“I don’t think it changes if you are fighting for a championship,” he said. “It is easy to say of other people ‘you should have done something different’. I don’t expect to crash with a back-marker. If you get hit like that, I honestly don’t understand what I should do differently”, he added.

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel also gave his verdict on the incident and said that, the people who are racing have emotions and sometimes they come out in ugly ways. “We have emotions. We are human beings and emotions go both ways,” said Vettel.

“They go full of joy when something great happens and you’re happy and they probably swing the other way if you are not happy or are upset”, he added. “We are here to fight for something that means the world to us. We all started racing when we were small kids in go-karts and to be in an F1 car is the dream we all had”, he said.


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