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Verstappen Reminds Us of a Young Senna: Honda F1

Verstappen Reminds Us of a Young Senna: Honda F1

Red Bull Racing, Honda F1 and Max Verstappen concluded a productive 2019 season. The partnership saw Max take 3 race victories and finish 3rd in the 2019 Drivers Championship. All parties are happy. Verstappen put honda back in contention. The Japanese manufacturer believes the Dutchman is like a younger Senna.

Honda and Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna and Honda enjoyed a successful partnership. Three World Championships and 32 race victories position Senna as the most successful driver associated with Honda. The two parties shared a strong bond. Senna loved the hard work and dedication shown by Honda. On the other hand, Senna’s determination had a samurai-like appeal to Honda and the Japanese public.

It endeared him to the legions of fans in Japan.

Ultimately, the partnership of five seasons between McLaren F1, Ayrton Senna and Honda goes down as one of the greatest in the sport.

Max Verstappen and Honda

Max Verstappen had a strong debut with Honda. He won 3 race wins and took another 6 podiums. This led him to finish a personal best, 3rd in the championship. However, the partnership goes deeper than strong performances from all parties.

Verstappen enjoys working with Honda. According to the Dutchman, the work ethics and practices showcased by the company match his personal ethics. He enjoys seeing the passion and emotions shown by the manufacturer. This was evident during his victory at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Honda, on the other hand, loves having Verstappen on board. Masashi Yamamoto, Honda’s F1 boss has spoken highly on the interest he’s shown for the manufacturer. Verstappen has taken time to visit the production and R&D sites of Honda F1. This passion has led to Yamamoto likening Max Verstappen to a young Ayrton Senna.

There are similarities between Verstappen and Senna. Both are aggressive drivers and are good during wet races. Their aggressive nature on track and dedication to Honda are similar features as well. To the Japanese fans and Honda, they encompass the revered Samurai spirit.

Yamamoto further elaborated that the staff were thrilled to see Max. He said there was a long line of staff wanting to see and interact with Max. That interaction has reinforced Yamamato’s belief that both parties are now committed to each other even more.

Max Verstappen has shown a keen interest in Honda. The Japanese manufacturer has delivered. It’s now time for Red Bull, Max and Honda to work together and try to win a drivers title. If that happens, Max will go down as one of the best drivers to have driven for Honda in F1.

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