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Verstappen’s F1 Future Big Talking Point

Verstappen’s F1 Future Big Talking Point

3-Year F1 Deal

Max Verstappen is expected to be the subject of an intense bidding war between Mercedes and Ferrari when he becomes available. Which is most likely to be either in 2018 or 2019. But Red Bull have reiterated their determination to retain the 20-year-old. Team boss Christian Horner outlined how he can foresee Verstappen helping build the team around him. So how will Max Verstappen’s F1 future pan out?

F1 Future
Verstappen is assessing his options

Horner’s comments flattered Verstappen. He said “I’ve always had a very good relationship with everyone in the team and also with Christian. Of course l am thinking about all scenarios. I know Red Bull can build the best car out there and we have shown that in the last two races. We are on the way back. In the last two races we have shown that our car in the races is really, really competitive. But we are not fully in control of how competitive we can be.”

Unlike Mercedes and Ferrari, the only other teams to win in F1 this year, Red Bull don’t build their own engines. Current power suppliers Renault have informed Red Bull that they have no plans to continue offering a supply beyond 2018. This throws the team’s long-term engine future remains clouded in uncertainty.

Verstappen on his F1 Future

Verstappen continued “”We are still down on horsepower. But l hope for the future that can be solved and also then I don’t think there is any reason to leave.” In other words, everything hinges on Red Bull’s next engine deal. But Christian Horner doesn’t believe that Verstappen will be comfortable in an environment with Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel. Horner is of the opinion that Max is better off staying with the Austrian team for the near future. He says that Red Bull can help nurture Max into a strong and successful driver who can challenge for the title.

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