Vettel Affirms Allegiance to Ferrari in an Amusing Way

By 2 years ago

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel may have had a less-than-spectacular Brazilian GP, but he still did his bit to promote Ferrari. While walking to the paddock, the German was swarmed by a group of children, with one even wearing a Mercedes cap.

Naturally, Vettel elected to correct that little oversight by sneakily taking off the cap and replacing it with his own. He then proceeded to lightly toss it to the ground, before signing the Ferrari cap and dedicating it to the boy, named Gabriel.

However, he then decided to pick up the discarded cap and hand it back to the boy. In all honesty, it was probably for a bit of banter and not meant to be overanalysed seriously. There was already enough drama with the Ocon vs Verstappen fiasco.

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Things did not go to plan for Vettel as Raikkonen trounced him resoundingly to land on the podium. To make matters worse for himself, he was on the receiving end of team orders to let the Finn past.

In the end, he had a very quiet race to finish behind his teammate all the way down in 6th.

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