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Vettel and Alonso Disagree on Blue Flags Incident

Vettel and Alonso Disagree on Blue Flags Incident

During the Malaysian GP, an incident occurred while Sebastian Vettel was completing a huge comeback. As he was chasing down Daniel Ricciardo’s Red Bull, the two came up to lap Fernando Alonso’s McLaren. Ricciardo was easily able to dispatch Alonso but Vettel wasn’t so lucky. During Sunday’s Malaysian Grand Prix, Vettel accused Alonso of not respecting blue flags while being lapped. Alonso shrugged off the claims, saying that he was not in a position to let the Ferrari driver through earlier.

Vettel alleged that Alonso disobeyed the blue flags
Vettel alleged that Alonso disobeyed the blue flags

Alonso said “Already from the very beginning, the second corner, the two Williams touch each other in front of us and slowed us a little bit. We lost a few places and then we were always in the secondary groups. A little bit slower than our pace but we could not overtake and that really compromised our race. We had better days and hopefully in Japan we come back in strong form.”

On the Blue Flags Incident

Alonso aimed a sly dig at Vettel “Blue flags, blue flags. I don’t know, I didn’t see on television. For me on the car it looks okay, but we heard many times ‘blue flags, blue flags’ from him so probably it’s one of those.”

 Vettel’s version was a little different though “We came two cars within a second, and he decided to jump in the middle. I think he said when he left Ferrari he’s a Ferrari fan, and today he didn’t behave like one.”
Vettel was fuming over the blue flags incident with Alonso

Radio Gaga

As seen in the video, Alonso’s manoeuvres did not impress Vettel at all. A clearly exasperated voice railed out “Hey What did…! Come on Alonso! Really? I know you are better than that”. In the meantime, Alonso was locked in his own battle with Nico Hulkenberg’s Renault. Ricciardo and Vettel had caught up to them when the incident occurred. Whether Alonso cost Vettel a chance of a podium, we may never know.

Vettel just couldn’t seem to keep his nose clean as he got involved in a few incidents, this being one of them.

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