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Vettel sets ambitious target for rest of the season

Vettel sets ambitious target for rest of the season


Sebastian Vettel has come out with a pretty bold ambition for the six remaining races in the season- to win all of them. He said that it was the only way to win the championship and that would be his goal.

“If we win every race from now on, we are safe. That must be the goal from now on,” he told Auto Bild. Ferrari messed up his chances massively in Singapore, when their strategy gamble backfired badly.

Vettel finished third at Marina Bay. Source: RaceFans

The German did admit that the Singapore GP didn’t go as expected. “Singapore didn’t help,” he said. “It’s disappointing if you can win races and you do not. But I still think we can only beat ourselves.”

Vettel did defend his team’s strategy though. “Everyone is afraid to fail, and I’m as aware as anyone that sometimes when you risk, it goes wrong. But you can’t let it paralyse you,” he said.

“Ayrton Senna said that if you don’t go for a gap anymore then you’re not a racing driver, and I agree. The same applies to risky strategies as we saw in Singapore. I will always defend my team.”

Vettel is still optimistic of his chances

Vettel went on to elaborate why he still had not given up hopes of his fifth title yet. “First, because I can. I’ve proved it four times,” he explained. “My driving style has given me four world titles and 52 victories.”

“Second, because we have a car that is on par with Mercedes. I can still become world champion with my own power and so I’ll continue to fight.”

His comeback bid has found another supporter in the form of former boss, Christian Horner. “Obviously it looks as though Lewis is in charge, but Seb is very good under pressure and certainly will not give up,” Horner told Brazilian media outlet, Globo.

“Ferrari has a very fast car and there are 150 points available.”

The optimism certainly bodes well for Vettel and Ferrari as it ensures they remain in high spirits during the business end of the season. Scuderia does have a fast car and what he has outlined may not be entirely impossible to achieve.





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