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WATCH: Vettel Asks Hamilton to Join Him for Donuts

WATCH: Vettel Asks Hamilton to Join Him for Donuts


The ending of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix witnessed a scene every F1 fan will cherish for the rest of their lives. It had Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso perform donuts together on the grand stand straight. A total of 11 world championships between the three.

But the audience was very much interested in how these synchronised donuts came into play. Alonso revealed that it was completely at random. But a new video uploaded by F1’s official Instagram handle, shows it was Vettel who asked Hamilton to start the donuts and do it together.

It can be clearly seen in the video, Vettel was in no mood to let the season pass away at a dull note. He asked Hamilton to join him in donuts and naturally, Hamilton obliged.

After doing the donuts together, they gave Alonso a good final send off by driving to the pit lane straight with him and then the three performed donuts for the audience sitting on the pit wall.

Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel all do donuts

Commenting on this, Alonso said,ย โ€œThe whole weekend has been amazing and the in-lap was not planned,โ€

โ€œI saw them doing donuts at Turn 8 and then I saw one car on the left and one car on the right and they kept going like this until the finish line.

โ€œIt was a nice touch by them, so thank you Sebastian and thank you Lewis.

โ€œThey are both great champions and I feel very privileged to race with them; it was a great race to be fighting with the Haas drivers to the very end.โ€

Despite the rivalry between the two, Vettel and Hamilton have always been very respectable towards each other on and off the track. Hamilton voiced support for the German, when media went after him for his mistakes. Recently they even exchanged their helmets, and Hamilton labelled it as one of the highest regards for a racing driver.


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