WATCH: Vettel Collides With Ricciardo at the Start of the US Grand Prix

October 22, 2018 12:03 am

The US Grand Prix could very well be the race when Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel’s championship goes up in smokes. With Hamilton on pole and Vettel starting fifth, Vettel needed a miraculous start to ensure he was able to prolong the championship to next week in Mexico.

While Raikkonen had a magical start and zoomed his way past Hamilton to take the lead on the first lap itself, Vettel held on to his fifth position, having gone on to the kerbs in the first few corners.

Soon he was fighting off Daniel Ricciardo for the fourth position and had almost taken the position, when he overshot a corner allowing Ricciardo to take it back. As he was trying desperately to take fourth from Ricciardo again, he collided with the Australian and spun completely. This left him way down in 14th position, luckily without much damage.


The stewards labelled it a racing incident and no action was taken on either of the racers.


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