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Vettel Dubs Formula E ‘Unexciting’

Vettel Dubs Formula E ‘Unexciting’

Vettel dubs Formula E

4-time Formula One world champion Sebastian Vettel is not a big fan of the all-electric Formula E series. In fact, Vettel dubs Formula E as ‘unexciting’ and doesn’t believe that it is the future of motorsport. He said that the all-electric series’ cars are neither fast nor exciting. However, despite Vettel’s negative view, Formula E’s popularity is rising. Both fans and competitors are catching on to the new series as an increasing number of official manufacturers join the high energy fray.

Pierre Gasly with Renault E.Dams

Renault, BMW, Audi, Mahindra and Jaguar are already present in the category. Porsche and Mercedes will field new teams in 2019, as both high profile manufacturers follow the trend. They believe that Formula E reflects the general direction of the automobile industry. But Vettel still remains unimpressed by the burgeoning series. He said, “To me, this is not the future. E-mobility is currently very popular in the world, but anyone who is honest and identifies with motor racing does not think much of Formula E. The cars are not very fast and many drivers who drive there tell me that the driving is not very exciting.”

The new Formula E season began last week with a double-header in Hong Kong with Sam Bird winning the first race for DS Virgin. Audi’s Daniel Abt won the second race but was disqualified on technical grounds. So Mahindra Racing’s Felix Rosenqvist inherited the win and moved up to 3rd in the driver’s championship. Mahindra Racing, in the meantime lead the constructor’s championship

Vettel dubs Formula E
Felix Rosenqvist at the Hong Kong ePrix

Why Vettel Dubs Formula E as Unexciting

Many have called Formula E an ex-F1 driver championship due to the abundance of Formula One drivers. 3 of them have even gone on to become Formula E world champions. But I suppose when Vettel dubs Formula E as ‘unexciting’, the fault lies with the fact that the cars race at tight street circuits where it is difficult to overtake.

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