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Vettel is Past His Prime Now: Sir Jackie Stewart

Vettel is Past His Prime Now: Sir Jackie Stewart


The 2018 Championship is now over and the world can’t seem to let go of how Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari lost the championship, when clearly it seemed in the first half that it their year.Vettel himself believed he is responsible pinpointing to the Singapore Grand Prix as the turning point of the championship.

Ferrari themselves weren’t up to their game. Reports said Ferrari’s updates in the later half of the season pushed the car backwards and it was much later that they recognised it.

Three time world champion, Sir Jackie Stewart thinks the championship was lost because Vettel is way past his prime.

I think Sebastian is past his peak and Lewis is still building to his, he told the Bild newspaper.


“There’s no reason Sebastian can’t come back, but it will be very difficult because after a season like that you are more critical of yourself, and what you want to do and what you don’t want to do,” Stewart added.

Stewart highlighted that the German simply made too many mistakes and hence is responsible for the same.
“It’s not possible to keep blaming everyone else. If you fight for a world championship and you see that a move you make could be a problem for you, you don’t necessary try it. You wait for the right moment,” he said.

“I like Sebastian very much and he is a very good driver. Very emotional, and technically maybe still the best, but he does not have that clear mind like he used to.”

Where did it go all wrong for Sebastian?

He further pipped Hamilton to overtake Michael Schumacher as F1’s most successful driver.

“Yes he can, and for many reasons,” Stewart said.

“There are more races these days, the management is better, the factories are better, the teams are bigger, and there’s more money to succeed than ever before.”

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