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Vettel blows off post-race interview to congratulate Lewis

Vettel blows off post-race interview to congratulate Lewis


Sebastian Vettel lost the championship fight to Lewis Hamilton today in Mexico. He could only finish second behind Verstappen when he needed to win the race to keep the title race alive.

That, coupled with Hamilton’s fourth place finish, meant that the Mercedes driver won his fifth drivers’ championship and second consecutive one, both of them being confirmed in Mexico.

It would have been especially hard for Sebastian Vettel as the German arguably had the fastest car across the season but could not make it count in the end. In the post-race interviews, as he was asked by DC (David Coulthard) where he lost the title, Vettel avoided it to congratulate his rival.

Watch the video here:

Vettel has been under a lot of scrutiny for his inconsistency across the season, with the Italian media being especially hard on him and the Scuderia. However, it can safely be said that it was not entirely his fault.
As was the case last year, Ferrari seemed to implode after the mid-season break, with their upgrades proving to be actually slowing the pace of the car. It took them a long time to realize the issue and by the time they reverted to the old-spec car in USA, it was too late.
Hamilton had already built up a massive 67-point lead over their lead driver, which was down to his own driving capabilities. The Brit took full advantage of the tracks that Mercedes were strong on, taking pole multiple times and winning races at will.
Vettel will have some self-reflecting to do

Former supremo, Bernie Ecclestone, claimed earlier that the German had also not been supported enough by Ferrari, referring maybe to the lack of team spirit instilled with the Scuderia going through some internal turmoils too.

It is a far cry from the start of the decade where they were dominating with Schumacher and Todt at the helm and they’ll be hoping to regroup and come back stronger next year.

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