Vettel Remembers Michael Schumacher the Person, Not the Driver


Sebastian Vettel is a close friend of compatriot and 7-time world champion, Michael Schumacher. According to Vettel, Michael was his hero and a huge inspiration. As a youngster, he would often look up to Schumacher as a driver.

Then, when the older German came out of retirement to compete, Vettel saw him in a whole new light. Instead of as a competitor, Vettel got to know Michael Schumacher the person behind the helmet.

Speaking about Schumacher, Vettel said, “When I look back it’s Michael the person I remember – not so much the racing driver.”

“But I am still full of admiration for the racing driver.”

“I talk to the guys here at Ferrari who were also here in Michael’s time and they speak very highly of him.”

“This proves that he left behind something special.”

Michael Schumacher
Michael Schumacher with a young Vettel

During his early years in Formula One, the media gave Vettel the moniker, ‘Baby Schumi’. The current Ferrari driver also opened up on that little nickname. He confessed that he wasn’t too fond of the name because he felt that ‘it wasn’t fitting enough’.

Vettel continued, “I didn’t think it was fair because I hadn’t achieved anything so how could you… just because I come from the same country.”

“But I got the story and fine, if that’s what people call me. I was once called the `fastest braces’ in Germany. But I think Baby Schumi is better than that – it was an upgrade.”

Michael Schumacher continues to receive treatment for his skiing accident back in 2013. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel is gearing up for the upcoming 2019 season. After a disappointing 2018 campaign, he will be hoping to stop Lewis Hamilton from winning his 6th title.

However, Vettel will have competition in the form of his teammate, Charles LeClerc. Also, the Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly are not to be discounted either,

Michael Schumacher
Vettel and Michael Schumacher at the Race of Champions