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Vettel Takes Another Dig at the FIA

Vettel Takes Another Dig at the FIA


Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel has a major bone to pick with the FIA these days. Once again, he has doubted Formula One’s decision-making process. Instead, he suggests that drivers need to have more of a meaningful input.

At the Spanish Grand Prix, Vettel criticised the new measures being ushered in for the 2019 season. The FIA’s ruling was made in order to try and promote more overtaking opportunities during races.

However, the four-time World Champion blasted the ‘comical’ new regulations and even found support in the form of rival, Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton too, called for drivers to be given more say in key decisions.

Sebastian Vettel

Vettel has said that the FIA only consults with the drivers to “tick a box” in the process.

“In a way it’s good that we’re not making the rules because it’s not our job, we might not have enough of an idea,” Vettel said.

“But on the other hand we’re driving the cars, if you want to talk about what the cars need I think it would be an interesting source to just ask us.

“We haven’t really been asked. If we have then it was more to tick that box. ‘Asked’ and ‘listened’ I think is two different things.”

According to the new regulations for 2019, the cars will be slowed down by approximately 1.5 seconds a lap. Vettel believes that his fellow drivers would not have supported the decision to bring in these new measures.

He said: “I think it’s normal that everyone’s looking for their own interest. But those decisions… I think no driver appreciates the fact that the cars are getting slower.

“Slowed down by one-and-a-half seconds, does that really help? I think there are some changes you can do to the aero without making the cars slower, that would probably help overtaking.”

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