Vettel wins the race, Twitterati paints Twitter Red!


Sebastian Vettel did the undoable, certainly after yesterday’s gap to Mercedes. He won the Bahrain Grand Prix on pace and on strategy and as a result, is leading the championship.

And the Twitterati were quick to paint Twitter red in celebration of the Italian stable’s dominant win.

Hamilton finished in P2 after what was a topsy-turvy race for him having handed out a 5 Second penalty but still pitting and showing far superior pace compared to his team-mate and on fresh soft tires livened up the race in the closing 10 odd laps.

While yesterday was Bottas day, today it most certainly wasn’t. His first stint was compromised due to incorrect tire pressure and a second stint on supersoft backfired for him. But even in the last stint, he was no match to Hamilton and clearly played the team game and second fiddle to Hamilton. The hype surrounding him is starting to fizzle out and the Finn need a strong result on Sunday to hold station within the team and in the paddock.


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