French Open

Victoria Azarenka, bashed out at French Open organisers for changing and bending the rules for Serena Williams who makes her comeback at the French Open after giving birth to a baby girl. She last played in February 2017 and after being gone for more than an year, it comes as a surprise that the organisers have seeded her. Azarenka speaks after being denied a wild card at the Wimbledon after giving birth to her daughter and being involved in a legal battle for her custody.

“We are talking about one individual being seeded. So if we talk about the rule, then the rule should be for everybody,” she said.

“This conversation was not on the table last year when I was coming back and I was not seeded in Wimbledon.

“And Wimbledon has the choice to do that. And this year they are going to be seeding Serena. So if we talk in terms of rule, the rule has to be for everybody.”

She urged the rules needed to be changed but the whole issue has been blown out of proportions.

“I think this chaos that’s been created is not that Serena is upset that she’s not seeded. It’s more outside noise and making a big story out of that.

“But there are conversations about rules, and we are talking about at least first separating the injury and pregnancy, and I think that’s really important.”

Former World Number, Victoria Azarenka, lost out on her first match in the 2018 French Open losing 7-5,7-5. Speaking on the loss, she said, “Even though I’m doing good things in practice, I am not able to transfer it to the match,

“So I really need to kind of take a look at what I can do better. Right now in the match it’s not working.”

Serena Williams, on the other hand, will play her first match of the tournament tomorrow.


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