Victoria Azarenka Speaks About The Waning Stereotype of Women in Sport

Azarenka in action during Fed Cup

The two-time Grand Slam champion, Victoria Azarenka has stepped back on the professional courts after giving birth to a child. Recently she broke back into the top 50 rankings on the WTA scale and is assiduously working to dominate once again on the women’s tour. Azarenka is one of the mothers on the WTA circuit, the Belarusian maintains a complete balance between her motherhood and tennis. The Former World Number one was accompanying her national tennis team for Fed Cup also she will lead her nation into battle in the World Group II play-offs against Japan in the month of April. She thinks about disseminating tennis in Belarus and she does it out of zeal. Hence she represents her nation to create an impact of tennis in the home country. Also, she becomes the source of inspiration in other kids to pick up tennis racquets.

Victoria Azarenka
Azarenka defeats Heather Watson in the Fed Cup match against Great Britain

Azarenka opened up about the extinction of stereotypes concerning women in sports. She believes that female athletes can optimally find the balance between their career and family. A women can dwell on the zenith of her profession alongside a joyous motherhood living. “I feel very happy that the stereotype of women in sport has been broken – that you can still have a family and you can still come back and play at a high level,” she articulated. “I thought that everything was going to be a little bit of a fairytale, and it’s not, but it’s definitely the best thing that has happened to me. It’s not easy, but I’m trying to find the balance, and hopefuly I’m trying to be a good example.”

Azarenka with her son, Leo

Before commencing her 2019 season, the member of the elite club of tennis, Azarenka acknowledged her topmost priority is to be a mother and that’s her ultimate goal in life. The 29-year-old Belarusian, desires her son Leo to take up tennis. She expressed the attributes of life which a tennis player learns from the game of tennis which are genuinely beneficial for an individual’s life.