Video : A Tribute To India-Pakistan Cricketing Rivalry

Published 06/04/2017, 1:42 AM EDT

If its tennis it’s Federer v/s Nadal, if it’s football it’s Barcelona v/s Real Madrid, and if it’s cricket it has to be India v/s Pakistan!

The Indo-Pak rivalry is probably the greatest in world sports, that on field swagger, aggression, friendships and what not. No matter whether the match is a low scoring one or one with a humongous total, whether it is being played in Asia or outside it, the match for sure gifts us with moments to cherish. An India – Pakistan encounter can never be boring for it is studded with every possible emotion. Have a look at this fan made video for it will remind you of all those moments we witnessed as die hard fans and will leave you with a sense of nostalgia.

Hopefully we’ll get to see some more of these today as India take on Pakistan in the Champions Trophy at the Edgbaston cricket ground in England.



Akshay Shah

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