Roger, Roger, Roger. You’ve given a lot of interviews in your illustrious career but this has got to rank up there as one of the best. Winner of a staggering 17 Grand Slams, Federer has every reason to be spending his days reflecting on the abundance of success he has had. However heading into year 2015, the Swiss Master’s form is as good as anyone on the tour. So much for being finished!

If there is one match that stands out in this generation of American tennis as the one that got away, it’s the 2009 Wimbledon finals.

Andy Roddick was facing his kryptonite in Roger Federer, 2-18 heading into the finals that year on grass, but Roddick had shown glimpses in the last year, beating Federer in Miami and taking a set off him in the last two three-set matches they’d played.


The ’09 Wimbledon finals was one of the greatest Wimbledon finals ever, with Roddick taking the first set, dropping the second and third in tiebreakers only to win the fourth set to set up a fifth.

There was when the match went from awesome to legendary, as the two sparred off for 29 games before Federer was finally able to break Roddick to win his then sixth Wimbledon title, and a heartbroken Roddick stood there knowing this was probably his best chance to ever take home the Wimbledon title.

Federer is still playing professional tennis, ranked No. 7 in the U.S. Open field, while Roddick has retired and is doing work for Fox Sports 1.

The two sat down for a really great interview, where they discussed plenty of things, but that ’09 final was the most interesting. The two, apparently, have never discussed it until now, and I thought what Federer said was a pretty good example of just who that man really is.

“The moment was probably tougher for you than happier for me,” Federer said. “I know how hard you tried and how difficult it must be because unfortunately you can’t have it all.”

Check out the interview above, and enjoy two great tennis players talking about a match that no tennis fan will ever forget.

Credit: Video produced for Fox Sports.


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