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Video: Saurav Ganguly Mocks Shahid Afridi

Video: Saurav Ganguly Mocks Shahid Afridi

Saurav Ganguly

Shahid Afridi, one of the most followed cricketer in the world has always received a lot of criticism for not playing maturely despite having played for such a long time and so many matches.

The veteran of 27 test matches, 398 ODIs and 78 T20 internationals can still make you pull your hair over his shot selection. Something similar to this happened in the World T20 of 2012 in Sri Lanka which led to Saurav Ganguly mocking Afridi.

Afridi, who made the record for the fastest hundred on debut against Sri Lanka in 1996 has over 8000 runs in ODI cricket along with 395 wickets. So it’s only fair that some maturity is expected from a player of his stature but Afridi being Afridi will always surprise you no matter what.

Watch how the beloved ‘Lala’ is mocked by the former Indian Captain in a TV show along with Simon Doull and Kevin Peitersen.


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