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Video: Watch 18 year old Virat Kohli talk about his future

Video: Watch 18 year old Virat Kohli talk about his future

Virat Kohli

Back in 2007 when India were eliminated in the first round of the ICC Cricket World Cup in the West Indies, India’s test captain Virat Kohli too, was a disappointed and dejected fan too.

But now the same dejected and disappointed fan shoulders the responsibility to lead a struggling Indian test team to greater heights in future. While many in the cricketing world regard him as one of the finest batsmen in the present day, there are still question marks about his captaincy. Will he able to succeeded on the captaincy front or not is a different issue, but one thing is sure, he will always give his best. And his committed effort to team’s cause always has been one of the reasons why his fans love him. From being the captain of India’s Under-19 Cricket team to being the test captain, he has come a long way.

Watch the poster boy of Indian Cricket and once ‘Dilli Da Munda’ talk about his dreams of playing for India, how he loves Delhi for its ways when he was eighteen and what kind of a cricketer do the Indian crowds love. He talks about which was his best innings till date and how he dreams of playing at the Ferozshah Kotla for India one day.

Also, don’t fail to notice that he has a boyish look to himself and is chubby as well.

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