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VIDEO: When Jorge Masvidal Baptized Yves Edwards With a Thunderous Head Kick

VIDEO: When Jorge Masvidal Baptized Yves Edwards With a Thunderous Head Kick

Jorge Masvidal after Knocking Out Yves Edwards

A 22-year old Jorge Masvidal was up against Yves Edwards in 2007, a fight that he would later go on to reveal he was “scared” of. Masvidal has well over 40 fights and few of his opponents include Stephen Thompson, Darren Till, Benson Henderson among others. Never has he spoken about being scared about a fight.

It was a fight under Bodog promotion against Yves Edwards that gave Masvidal “butterflies.”

“I was nervous going into the fight,” Masvidal had said recently, referring to the fight against Edwards in 2007. “I was scared, all the guys that I have fought in my career that was the guy who was giving me the butterflies. I have seen what he done to people, he is a vicious individual and he was like very bad style for me in many ways. I trained myself like a mad man at the time, I just kept running myself into the ground cause I did not want to get my face to get rearranged by this individual.”

At that time, Edwards had 42 wins in a total of 64 fights. His record of 17 career Knockouts is sure to send a shiver down your spine if you are his next opponent.

However, once the fight started, fear had no place. Jorge Masvidal and Yves Edwards fought for close to nine minutes before the former came out with the sucker-punch (or sucker kick). He pulled out a thunderous head kick, gave a few punches on Edwards’ face, and posed with hands on his cheeks as the crowd acknowledged his Knockout. Masvidal had overcome his fear!

Jorge Masvidal vs Yves Edwards full fight (2007)-


Jorge Masvidal is a 35-year old veteran now with a record of 35-13 in his 16-year MMA career. He has forced 16 knockouts in all, and the one against Edwards in 2007 will certainly be cherished for the preparation that had gone into it.

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