Vikkstar And Its WarsZ Dominate COD Warzone With A Hat-Trick

May 14, 2020 8:48 pm

COD Warzone Wednesday organized by Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem is a tournament series. Featuring all the top streamers and pro players, this initiative has become immensely popular. When it comes to competitive COD Warzone during lockdown – WW is leading the race. Ninja, DrDisrespect, Nickmerks, Courage, Tommey, Aydan, Bobby Poff, were all involved in the tournament. 

It seemed like a lucky victory for Vikkstar in the first week and turned to skill in the second. However, when he dropped the hattrick in three consecutive weeks, it started to scare everyone else. Yes, Vikkstar and Itz WarsZ picked up their third victory and surprised everyone else. Initially, Keemstar was a little worried about it and wanted some big views from Vikkstar.

Vikkstar delivered not only the views but also the victory. It was not surprising at all to see these too take the win for the third time. Playing with each other for a while did build the chemistry pretty well. 

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COD Warzone Wednesday Week 8

The following teams took part in the 8th week of Call Of Duty Warzone Wednesday. Vikkstar & ItzWarsZ, Tommey & bobbypoff, Trainwrecks & FeLo, Aydan & Crimsix, Crowder & CouRage. Ninja & DrDisrespect, Skrapz & Speros, DougisRaw & TeePee, KYR SP33DY & SideArms, NoahJ456 & MerK. NICKMERCS & Swagg, Symfuhny & HusKers, Nadeshot & Cloakzy, Tourva & Censor, KingRichard & Clayster. 

While the line-up looked star-studded, it was quite a different experience to see Vik and WarsZ take it all. The 2v2 kills-per-team format encourages players to get aggressive as they can. Its thrown in quads, so a duo has to get more kills than their other half.

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Placements and Vikkstar’s reaction

Vikkstar was more than thrilled to win it three times in a row. He instantly took to Twitter, expressing his gratitude towards Keemstar. He also mentioned how, as a kid, he had wondered about being a gamer . This was definitely a victory he deserved for a long time. “70k Concurrent Viewers. 1.1m Playbacks.”, that was the statistics he posted.

As for the results, Vikkstar123, Itz Warsz bagged the 20k prize pool, placing first. Followed by Crimsix, Aydan in second position and NICKMERCS, Swagg in third. Tommey, Bobby Poff came fourth with 143 eliminations and Ninja & DrDisrespect managed the sixth position with only 120 eliminations. 

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