Vikkstar Laughs Off Accusation Of Hacking In Call Of Duty Warzone Wednesday

May 17, 2020 11:08 pm

Call of Duty Warzone Wednesday is an immensely popular weekly tournament series coordinated by YouTube sensation, Daniel’ KEEMSTAR’ Keem. Top streamers and pro players across the world go head to head for a $20,000 reward. Recently, Vikram’ Vikkstar’ Singh Barn and his teammate, Kacey’ WarsZ’ Channer, achieved an iconic feat of winning three back-to-back Warzone Wednesdays, after their Week 8 victory.

What seemed like a lucky victory for Vikkstar and WarsZ in the first week, shifted to talent in the second. But, when the dominating duo shell-shocked everyone by dropping the hattrick, everyone began commending their efforts. The unique achievement has brought in a ton of attention for both streamers.

However, attention often comes with a price. In this case, it is accusations. Initially, there were criticisms that either the English duo was profiting off easier lobbies in the UK or they deliberately match-made into lower thresholds by reverse-boosting. After that, a Twitter user posted a clip of Vikkstar’s gameplay accusing him of hacking.

Vikkstar accused of hacking in Call of Duty Warzone Wednesday

On May 16, a Twitter user, Alfie, tagged the English streamer in a clip with the caption “What is this?” suggesting he was hacking. As a result, the clip circulated quickly and drew the attention of many fans. In the clip, Vikkstar flicks his aim towards a wall promptly after engaging with enemies.

The root cause of Alfie’s concern is the swift and accurate motion, indicating a typical aimbot that instantly locks onto enemies. Fans defended Vikkstar’s case as it is nothing unusual for PC gamers. Rohit Bangera, one such fan, replied, “You clearly haven’t ever played an FPS game on a PC.” Alfie answered, “No, I haven’t.”

Unlike PC gamers, players on controllers aren’t accustomed to such flicks. Anyone with thousands of hours worth of gaming experience on a mouse and keyboard has ingrained such motions into their muscle memory, which are directed towards pre-firing possible enemy locations or scouting them.

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Vikkstar’s response to the accusation

Since several fans kept tweeting him, the YouTube streamer later vindicated himself by presenting a simplistic analysis of the situation. “I was scanning for the rest of the enemy squad on the left, while ADS’d so I had magnified vision,” he stated.

There wasn’t even an enemy where I aimed to. Believe me, if I was a hacker, it would be a LOT more obvious than that,” he laughed off the hacking claims.

It is obvious that Alfie’s presumptions were incorrect. Maybe being a controller player, Vikkstar’s buttery smooth aim and hattrick of Warzone Wednesday titles overwhelmed him. But, one should definitely weigh up second thoughts before jumping to conclusions.

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