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“I Was Doing Whatever I Could”- Zack Ryder Reveals How WWE Locker Room Made Fun of Him

Published 06/07/2020, 7:54 PM EDT

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WWE’s self-proclaimed “Internet Champion” Zack Ryder revealed a downcast anecdote about his stint in WWE in a recent podcast. Matthew Cardona, aka Zack Ryder, started his WWE career in 2005 by appearing on the Smackdown brand. In a recent Talk is Jericho podcast  Zack revealed how everyone in WWE made fun out of him once.

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Zack Ryder on being a laughing stock

The incident was during the time when Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins were placed as a tag team. Even though they were a tag team seldom did, they appeared on tv as one. Hawkins got famous for his losing streak in that run. This gimmick made it worse for Zack as his only way to have tv time was to be with Hawkins, who now became a talking point with his own individual run.


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Looking back at that time, Zack said, “During that time, you know Hawkins, you think it’s bad losing every match, I didn’t have a match on RAW in a year” zack said.


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He then added, “I dress up in my suit and try to talk to Vince. One day here’s a funny story. I went to him for one week, and he’s like great ideas. Next week, bring it to me in writing. So the next week, I typed it up like it was a school project. I had the cover sheet and everything. I’m walking around the locker room, and people are making fun of me taking a picture of Zack Ryder pitches, but at that point, I was doing whatever I could

By sharing this story, Zack brings out the real struggle for a WWE Superstar to even get a short period in the mainstream. It also shows how much effort he put himself into making his gimmick better. Vince McMahon perhaps could have had more trust in the Superstar but he chose the opposite route.

Another superstar who was underutilized

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Zack Ryder, in his spell with WWE, had more low points than peak points. He didn’t get enough chances to show his talent. Ryder had a great year in 2011, which was famously known as the “Ryder Revolution”. This stretch was mainly due to his social media fame.

The next year turned out to be a nightmare for him. From there, it was a downfall for him and his WWE career. WWE recently released Zack Ryder with his tag partner Curt Hawkins as part of the budget cuts stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic ending his long and misfit career of 15 years tenure with the company.



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