Pedaling through ageless cycling ventures, an elderly rider recently made headlines with sheer perseverance. Recorded in the quiet town of March, Cambridgeshire, Colin Bedford’s exceptional narrative transcended beyond his riding ordeals, joining hands with a noble motive. Combining courage and gratitude with a touch of eccentricity, his latest feat evidently posed a significant challenge. 

Planning for an audacious cycling campaign, the 87-year-old raised eyebrows as he embarked on his 100-mile riding and walking mission. With assistance from a vintage bike aged 100 years, Bedford defied all odds, but gladly, his strategic trip was not just a physical accomplishment. Crafting wonders with every pedal, his ideas portrayed a heartfelt gesture, honoring hospice care like never before. 

Elderly cycling enthusiast plans miles-long tour


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As a resilient octogenarian, Bedford has worn many hats throughout his lifetime, seizing glory beyond his cycling escapades. After suffering a severe retinal injury during a decade-old badminton game, his spirits remained undeterred, despite a demanding recovery in the aftermath.

Significantly, Bedford’s current cycling odyssey stemmed from a deep-rooted connection with the Hinchingbrooke Hospital, underscoring their support during his tough times. Sharing grateful words for the organization, the senior cyclist exhibited his devoted attempts, transitioning from a care recipient to the center’s financial benefactor. 

Riding on the 1914 BSA Huntingdon Cycle Core bike, Bedford’s cycling spree saw his memorable success in saddleback trips, all for the betterment of his medical support team. Sharing candid details on the vintage ride, the elderly athlete expressed his thrills, mentioning, “It comes complete with a rifle strapped to the handlebars and a grenade in the back ammunition pouch.”

Lending financial support in grateful reciprocation 

In an act of heartwarming reciprocation, the March-based cycling enthusiast reportedly lent his support to the Hinchingbrooke medical staff. From conducting badminton classes in his hometown to organizing a tournament to raise over $3800 (£3,000) for the hospital, Bedford’s commitments seemingly knew no bounds.


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Remarkably, his upcoming 100th eye injection at the hospital marks an extraordinary milestone, a testament to both his cycling skills and the center’s passionate care. Sparking buzz with his latest fundraiser event, Bedford symbolized a blend of history and sporting merits, while his bike exhibited decommissioned military artifacts. 

With each pedal stroke carrying the weight of his appreciation for the hospital staff, Bedford labeled them as individuals who became an integral part of his life. As his heartfelt move garnered unparalleled appreciation, the senior cycling lover marked his victory, disregarding the massive physical blows of old age. 


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Crediting the Hinchingbrooke crew for saving his sight and gifting him a vibrant lifetime, Colin Bedford’s cycling endeavor stood as a testament to ageless pedaling trips. As he covered the treacherous miles, the veteran rider echoed his sentiments in empathetic acknowledgment, fueling monumental changes for his true guardian angels. 

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