Ukraine’s Sports Community Devastated, 422 Athletes Killed in Invasion

Published 02/25/2024, 1:08 PM EST

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Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began on February 20, 2022, it has resulted in many casualties, including numerous Ukrainian athletes. The Sports Committee of Ukraine reported that approximately 422 athletes have tragically lost their lives during this ongoing turmoil.

To honor and remember these fallen athletes, the Sports Committee of Ukraine has created a website called “Sports Angels.” This website shares poignant stories about the lives and sacrifices of these athletes. Their remarkable journeys and untimely deaths serve as a testament to the courage and sacrifice displayed in adversity.

The world loses several athletes to conflict


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The story of Sydoruk, a junior sergeant in Ukraine’s military, exemplifies resilience and dedication. Despite injuries sustained during service, he pursued his love for archery.

Sydoruk represented Ukraine at the Invictus Games in Toronto, earning a silver medal. Sadly, he lost his life in battle while serving in the Kherson region with the 24th mechanized brigade.


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Similarly, Balanchuk, a talented soccer player who played for Dynamo Kyiv and Maccabi Haifa, tragically died in combat near Bakhmut in the Donetsk region. The city of Haifa, which honored his memory by dedicating a street in his name, recognized his contributions too.

Pronevych, a renowned marathon runner, set aside his athletic pursuits to join Ukraine’s territorial defense against the Russian invasion. However, tragedy struck as he fell victim to the brutality of Russian forces. His remarkable courage and perseverance personify the unyielding spirit of Ukrainians in the face of adversity.

Boiko, a former American football player in Ukraine, valiantly fought for the freedom of his adopted homeland in the Donetsk region. Sadly, he succumbed to the wounds sustained during combat. The Ukrainian League of American Football (ULAF) honored his sacrifice, recognizing him as a true hero whose legacy will continue to inspire future generations.

An unforgettable legacy left behind

In Kyiv, Kotlyarova, a soccer player and futsal champion, and her mother tragically lost their lives because of a Russian attack. Her recent marriage highlights the agonizing human side of conflict. Poliuliak, a snowboarding instructor, courageously volunteered to join Ukraine’s armed forces and met his tragic fate while valiantly defending Mariupol.

His fellow coach honors Poliuliak’s guidance and passion for mountains, lamenting a life shortened in defense of his homeland.


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Yepifanov, a talented fencer, patriotically joined the Ukrainian war effort at a young age and sadly lost his life while fighting on the front lines. His act of putting his fencing career on hold reflects the dedication of Ukrainian youth to defending their nation.

Bilokon, a renowned powerlifting champion, courageously enlisted in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and tragically died in battle against Russian troops. His remarkable accomplishments in the sports world symbolize the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people.

The contributions of numerous remarkable athletes have left a profound impact on Ukraine’s storied sporting heritage. Their existence and sacrifices serve as harrowing reflections of the human toll inflicted by war.


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As the conflict continues, their stories stand testament to the unyielding spirit of Ukraine in the face of horrific adversity.


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