The atmosphere and aura during a baseball game are one of intensity, high adrenaline, and a lot of strong emotions. Baseball fans are perhaps one of the most passionate in the sporting world.

It is this passion that makes a visit to the stadium a wonderful and memorable experience but there also comes a situation where the emotions and adrenaline get the better of people present.

Baseball fans start their boxing bout


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Watching a fan war or fan fight in a stadium is not a rare occurrence. Shared by the popular page ‘Barstool Sports’, the viral video clip shows the moment two men in the stands during a baseball game were ready to take each other’s lights out. A man donning a Jerry Rice jersey was surrounded by a large group of people, as they tried to calm him down.

At least three men tried their best to get a hold of the man in the red jersey but such was his sheer strength that they could only manage to hold on for a few seconds. The man got away from their grip and proceeded to unleash his wrath and anger on the man in front of him, in the white t-shirt.

He did not need a second invitation and started punching the man uncontrollably with all his might. The man in white looked in no position to dominate him and took at least 4-5 hard blows to his body.

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The man in the jersey did not stop there and continued throwing his heavy punches as people in the crowd shouted “No, No!” and tried to stop him. One of his punches got the man in his face and that spelled the end of his defense, as he fell to the floor unconscious.

Internet left in awe of mini boxing match

The entire incident certainly tainted the experience of a visit to the stadium for a game of baseball. How did the internet react to it, let us find out!

The man in the Rice jersey had a smirk before he went on a violent punching frenzy and this user knew he was about to do some damage.

This user here was just terrified and sympathized with the man who faced such a brutal attack.

‘Yac Blac’ appreciated the person who recorded the video for their great effort in capturing everything, with proper angles.

The user above referred to the man’s violent state of mind as ‘beast mode’ and called his punch a clean hit.


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This person here believes that the baseball fan will be knocking on the doors of the UFC soon.


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The entire scuffle between the crowd and the man in white and the red jersey was unnecessary and quite dangerous. The violence led to a man being unconscious and out cold, instead of being awake and present to enjoy the atmosphere of the stadium. The security present was inadequate and not able to deal with the situation at hand and authorities must ensure that such instances are condoned and prevented.

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