Taking inspiration from the bull run and bullfighting festivities in Spain, people from Texas have developed their own version of it. While people in Spain ran onto the streets with no protection and worried for their lives, the event organizers in Texas decided to dial the danger down.

Nevertheless, the entire event made for some tense moments, and spectators in the crowd were left more nervous than entertained. A viral video shared on X showed a glimpse of the madness that took place.

Bizarre bull run event in Texas leaves people flying


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It has already garnered over 2 million views in less than 24 hours. The event was part of the Texas Cowboys Reunion, and it had people in bubble suits running for cover from a raging bull.

The bubble suits acted as safety gears for the participants, as the angry animal charged fast and hard towards them. The video started with the bull charging towards a person in the suit, and it sent them flying into stands.

It did not stop there as it continued using its powerful horns and chased people around the field. Its brute force and rage sent every person flying. There was a moment of fear as well when one of the bubble suits just popped, removing all its air and destroying the suit. It was truly nail-biting to witness, but the people in the field seemed to have the time of their lives.

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Bubble suit clip leaves users confused and doubtful

Netizens, however, were stuck up on the first attack made by the bull. It showed that the person flew straight into the stands. One section could not believe the bull’s power and the other thought the video was edited.

Let’s take a look at the best reactions.

Enitandev couldn’t understand how people were willing to put their lives at risk.

Dev replied in Hindi, which roughly translated to ” I too want to fly.”

This user shared a GIF that explained their opinion.

GG said that people should be afraid of bulls, they possess immense strength.


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Usman Khan couldn’t believe what he saw as it launched the person into the stands.


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The entire celebration of the Texas Cowboys Reunion sent people online into a frenzy. Some enjoyed what they saw, while others were just reminded of how dangerous the sport is for humans and the bull. Bubble suits or not, it certainly made for quite tense viewing.

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