The internet is filled with several instances of a raging bull wreaking havoc and causing much damage to humans and property. It is currently one of the most spoken about topics, the legitimacy, and safety of the extreme sports of bull-run and bullfighting.

There are a number of instances where people have heavily injured themselves or gotten knocked out cold during events such as these. A viral video doing rounds on social media showed the moment a man paid the price for messing around with an already raging bull. What followed after was definitely scary to watch, but not unexpected.

Man faces the wrath of an angry bull


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The video uploaded on X already has over 700k views and the foolish antics of the man surprised many people online too. The clip showed a man standing right next to a bull in the middle of the street, with several people standing at the sides, watching it, as it stood in silence.

The man then took his hand and brought it right above the eyeline of the bull. This act of the man completely enraged the animal who was standing calmly mere seconds ago. It smashed the man with his sharp horns and it knocked him out in an instant.

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It stepped on him in the commotion and people around screamed in horror. They all tried to flee and escape the wrath of the animal as some people lifted the man up from the middle of the street before anything worse could happen.

Netizens react to brutal knockout

This video was a throwback to a brutal moment during a similar bull run event, where a woman was caught napping and faced the wrath of a raging bull. She stood on the side of the street, completely unaware there was an angry bull behind her. It saw her, charged, and hit her with its horns. The woman instantly fell to the ground and was unconscious. The bull hit her a couple of times before moving in another direction after people distracted it.

Netizens made their opinions about the sport and the whole incident quite clear. Let’s take a look at some of their reactions.

Jey wondered how the man was doing and asked if he was okay.

Cletus could not understand what was going on in the video.

This user shared their thoughts on the video and wondered if anyone else felt the same.

The user here questioned the whole thing and asked if it was even worth it.


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Ric shared a GIF to explain his thoughts about the video.


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The sport of bull run and bullfighting have been a topic of heated discussions. Part of Spanish culture and traditions, the sport and its enthusiasts have been facing a lot of flak and fire in recent weeks.

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