Escalating Safety Concerns Demand Urgent Attention as Eighth Cyclist Tragedy Strikes Philadelphia in 2023

Published 08/09/2023, 12:41 PM EDT

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The city of Philadelphia witnessed another accident after another cyclist lost his life in a fatal crash that left an old man with severe damage to his leg.

The unfortunate accident took place in Southern Philadelphia and happened on a busy Friday night.

Philadelphia plagued with a high number of traffic deaths


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According to the police reports, the crash that crashed into the cyclist and pedestrian was a Tesla. The accident happened right in front of the entrance of the FDR Park on Broad Street. The car rammed into the cyclist, Mario Dadamo III. Furthermore, a pedestrian on the road and the driver of the vehicle tried to speed away, before crashing into a tree. The driver made an attempt to flee from the scene but the police stopped the 67-year-old driver.

The police then took him to the hospital. The 35-year-old Mario and the unlucky 55-year-old pedestrian were given first aid by medics on the scene before medical personnel transferred them to a local hospital. The driver of the car was in stable condition and showed no signs of injury or trauma. The pedestrian too was not in a serious condition, but there was considerable damage to his leg.


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Police reports do not suggest that the driver was in an inebriated state while the crash happened. Nevertheless, this calls for the need to rectify such issues before it balloons into something even larger.

Need to address the issue before it’s too late


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Unfortunately, 35-year-old Mario did not survive the crash and succumbed to his fatal injuries. Authorities arrested the 67-year-old Tesla driver and charged him with a case of hit and run. His condition was stable and did not report any injuries or concerns. The condition of the 55-year-old pedestrian too is not great. However, the injury is not life-threatening and medical personnel expect him to make a full recovery.

The fatal crash added to the tally of bicycle crashes in the city, making it the 8th of the year. The year 2021 saw 8 fatal death of bicycle riders in the entire year but the city has already reached the dreaded number, with five months still left in the year. Traffic fatalities are on the rise in the city of Philadelphia over the past few years, with 2022 recording the highest number of traffic-related deaths in the 1990s.

In a bid to tackle the problem and also provide assistance to the families of the bereaved, the community started Families for Safe Streets Greater Philadelphia (FSSGP). It represents the full range of greater Philadelphia’s rich diversity and collectively demands an end to traffic violence.


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