VIDEO: This Terrifying 172 ft Record Dive Into the Swimming Pool From 1983 Still Gives Us Goosebumps

Published 07/23/2023, 9:33 AM EDT

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In a breathtaking and spine-chilling throwback video uploaded on twitter, the internet witnessed the great Rick Winters attempt to set the world record in a 172ft dive.

The incredible feat was watched by everyone worldwide and the gut-wrenching act captivated the attention of millions. The video was uploaded by the twitter page ‘Fascinating’ and the internet was left in awe of the mesmerizing act.

Watch the historic dive in 1983


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As the video begins, we see the sheer magnitude of his feat as he hangs on a ladder 172 ft away from the ground. Spectators are given a glimpse of the audacious attempt he is about to make and there is palpable excitement in the air and the voice of the commentators. As he gets ready for the momentous dive, Winters projects a sense of resolve and steely anxiety as he stands at the edge of the tall platform.

The video also provides a glimpse of a heartfelt moment when it panned to his family, his wife and adorable child.


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With the entire globe’s eyes on him, he took a breath and launched himself off the platform. He moved down to the water with breathtaking speed and everyone around held their breaths. He descended with utmost grace and splashes into the pool of water as the crowd cheered him on with thunderous applause and started celebrating a world record.

The first 172-foot high dive by Rick Winters was more than just a feat of athletic prowess; it was also a triumphant moment and a symbol of the quest of perfection. His perseverance and unmatched athleticism set a new bar for high diving and served as an inspiration to numerous aspiring divers all around the world.

Internet reacts to mammoth feat

It is sporting moments like these that define careers and establish legacies. Rick Winters in that moment, etched his name in history and his greatness lives on. The internet was in complete awe of his greatness and had several reactions to the crazy video! Let’s take a look at some the top comments!

This user came to everyone’s rescue, explaining just how fast Winters was and the magnitude of the feat.

The user above did everyone a favor and gave the metric measurements for people to understand.

This user was left in awe of his record dive, calling him fearless.

This user was unhappy with the duration of the clip and believed it finished too soon.


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This user had the best reaction to the video, making users laugh on a lighter note while talking about the historic dive.


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Rick Winters is still honored for his brave and outstanding accomplishments in the sport of high diving decades after his death. The video serves as a tribute to the enduring influence that sporting accomplishments have on people all throughout the world.

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