Video: Woman Knocks Out Guy on the Streets With a Single Slap and MMA Fans Can’t Get Enough of Her

Published 07/12/2023, 10:30 AM EDT

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In a viral video uploaded on Twitter, a woman almost knocks out a man cold with a single punch. The Twitter page ‘Fight Videos’ shared the clip, and the caption read “She got that Mike Tyson KO Power.

How did the street fight start?

The two seemingly were already in an argument at the beginning of the video. The woman walks up to the man with no fear on her face as the man prepares to guard himself. People in the background are heard shouting “fight” and cheering them on. She is able to catch the man off guard and knocks him down with a hard punch. The man has almost passed out from the punch, barely able to keep his eyes open. The surrounding people are in total shock and yell out in surprise.


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The man is completely flabbergasted and seems to be in no control. He struggled to get himself up the first few times as people rush to check on him. He somehow manages to stand up, still unable to keep his balance and his pants from falling down. The crowd has now joined in and is mocking the man with their cheers as he stands up and looked to walk away. The woman certainly packed more than a punch and taught the man a lesson.

While he was confident and stood tall in the beginning, the woman and her Mike Tyson-esque punch proved too much for him.

Fans react to a woman’s killer punch!

Users on Twitter reacted to the video with some hilarious GIFs and comments! With some fans pointing out just how powerful the punch was.

The punch stole the show!

The woman in the video was compared to ‘Wonder Woman’ by one user.

Another user commented on the force of the punch being so hard.


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But the above user made perhaps the best comment of the post!


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The video garnered a lot of reactions from MMA fans in particular and was certainly entertaining, with an element of surprise.


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