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VIDEO: Road Rage Incident Escalates Into Bloody Nose-Ending MMA Duel

Published 11/20/2023, 11:06 AM EST

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Incidents of road rage are not uncommon and perhaps occur every single day. But how often can one say it evolves into a high-octane MMA-style clash with great intensity?

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In a video that went viral on X, two men were involved in a street fight that ended in a bloody and brutal manner for one of them. Let’s take a look at what unfolded and how things panned out in a street scuffle that left the internet buzzing.

Action at the traffic signal


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Uploaded on X by the page ‘GLOBALFIGHTS,’ the road rage video showed two men stepping out of their cars, looking visibly angry. One was dressed in what seemed to be a blue polo and another was in a white t-shirt. The man in the white t-shirt was ready for a fight even before he stepped out.

The other, who looked angrier, perhaps didn’t anticipate the violence coming his way. The man in the white shirt greeted him with a brutal MMA-like punch to the face, one that made the cameraman go, “Oh s**t!”.


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The man in the blue polo t-shirt didn’t retaliate with a punch or kick of his own but replied with a bunch of angry words and pushed him. They continued to argue in the middle of the road as the signal was red.

The internet has cool and cold reactions

As the whole show continued, blood started to run down the nose of the man in blue. Both of them walked away from each other, but not before giving the cameras and the internet a moment to remember. Users online had much to say about the road rage video. Let’s take a look at what they have to say.

This user said one must never underestimate someone smaller than them. The man may have taken things too lightly, or his anger clouded his sound judgment.

Another user brought out the inner critic in him and rated this street fight a 3/10.


Kat said the man who delivered the punch was better than Logan Paul


Jess couldn’t get over the reactions of the cameraman.

Another user turned introspective and said one should never pick a fight they know will lose. Walking away with a bleeding nose after stepping out to rage on the road must certainly not feel great.



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Emotions run high in a situation of road rage. People tend to go overboard with their actions and usually pay the price. The man here let his rage get the better of him and suffered a bloody ending.

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